Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I wanted so, so much to love this palette. Some of the colors are gorgeous and some are, it pains me to say, just meh. The following statement is taken directly from the Too Faced website (click on the pictures in this post and it will take you to The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums.

Very cool color selection in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallette!

Very cool color selection in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallette!

I do agree that the makeup smells A-MAZE-ING!! I will open this palette just to smell it. I’m a huge fan of chocolate and the smell from this palette just feeds my addiction. AND, the eye shadows in this selection all have a chocolate or a candy-inspired name. The “”natural browns” in this palette, the Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Semi-Sweet to name names, were just not right for my skin tone. I want to say that they were too warm or cool, but I’m not sure if that’s it or not. I’m both stumped and bummed! For the most part the eye shadows are smooth and blend easily, save for a few. Too Faced gets an A+++ for the packaging. It’s adorable! It’s tin with a sturdy magnetic closure, decent sized mirror, and it looks like a Hershey chocolate bar!

Color swatches for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

Color swatches for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

The pink color, Strawberry Bon Bon, has no pigment at all. It looks beautiful in the palette but the color pay off truly disappointed me because I don’t have a lot of pinks in my makeup collection. I did loooove the Marizipan eye shadow; it’s a beautiful pinky-champagne color with shimmer.  I also love the colors Hazelnut and Creme Brulee. I’m going to give this palette to my sister because I just cannot get it to work with my coloring (my skin is a light-medium color with pink/red undertones). My sister has more of a olivey skin tone so I’m dying to see how the colors look on her. This palette is $49.00 from the Too Faced website, but I found that if you buy it through you may be able to get it for a better price (just make sure you’re checking who will be shipping your order).

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette doesn’t get the Finer Things stamp of approval. If you have any products by Too Faced please feel free to share with us what product you have and why you love it.

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